It can make you feel on top of the world, and plunge you into the deepest pits of depression. It can be disorienting, maddening, even ruinous; it can satisfy you and quiet your internal demons, but it can also cause you to make terrible decisions and question your very identity. And it’s often in woefully short supply when you need it most. We’re talking about love, of course; but all of the above outcomes can easily apply to the mind-altering substance of your choice, as well. Which is why numerous artists and songwriters over the years have penned songs that liken love to drugs, or drugs to love, or both — the Weeknd ‘s “Can’t Feel My Face” being just the latest in a long and intoxicated tradition. Marijuana, cocaine, opiates, ecstacy, acid and alcohol have generally provided the points of comparison in such songs, but who knows — it may not be long until someone writes a song equating love with bath salts. In honor of “Can’t Feel My Face” and its recent conquest of the pop charts, we compiled a list of 20 great narcotic love songs, from the lightly buzzy to the deeply fried. Drug songs don’t come a whole lot less trippy than Huey Lewis’s relentlessly jaunty smash, which finds Patrick Bateman’s favorite singer running down a list of potential side effects and delivery systems, before deciding that the only worthwhile intoxicant would be “one that makes me feel like I feel when I’m with you. The perfect pop glaze of the La’s greatest hit masks a seedier lyrical center, one easily ignored amid the song’s jangly guitars and wistfully hooky chorus melody.

Amy Winehouse: A tragic life that still resonates

FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song. Kylee is an aging beauty—long blonde hair, with a mouth like a sailor. She’s sneaky smart in the street kind of way and can crack a joke clean or dirty that will have everyone in the room doubled over in stiches. The other week, Kylee headed for Wal-mart on what was supposed to be a quick grocery run.

A harrowing depiction of heroin addiction, no doubt inspired by her ex-lover James Taylor’s abuse of the drug at the time. “See You Sometime”.

Chuck E Weiss, the subject of Rickie Lee Jones’s most famous song, was the one who first alerted Tom Waits to the aspiring year-old singer-songwriter. Jones was a wild child, a free spirit with boho baggage and a way with language that made people think of, well, Tom Waits. Born in in Chicago, Rickie was a renegade from a rootless vaudeville family that moved round the country. At 14, Jones ran off to a rock festival in California, freaking out on acid as she beheld Jethro Tull’s flute-toting frontman, Ian Anderson.

By , she was living in the old beatnik neighbourhood of Venice, waitressing and playing the local coffee-house, Suzanne’s. Though Jones was so broke she sometimes slept under the Hollywood sign, her songs made people’s ears prick up. One night in the summer of , Chuck E Weiss was washing dishes in the kitchen of the Troubadour club when through the doors he heard the sound of a girl singer. He watched Jones sing two numbers and was knocked out. Waits first spoke to Jones outside the club on a late summer evening.

Sort of like that of a sexy white spade. By the end of , Waits and Jones were an item. Lubricated by booze and a shared love of jazz, the Beat poets and West Side Story, the relationship quickly became passionate. The three friends ran amok in west Hollywood, gate-crashing parties, to create a parallel world that was equal parts Bukowski and hipster-comic Lord Buckley.

Addiction Poems about Family

What song is this!!!? Can anyone help me find this video? Songs Metallica fans here? Meaning addiction Life Rapper?

In “It’s Been Awhile”, is a powerful song by the band Staind. In the song, singer Aaron Lewis, references his former drug addiction problem. The.

We have multiple addiction centers located throughout the United States for your convenience. Music one of the best therapeutic tools that we have. The artists below found motivation in writing and releasing their songs in hopes it would reach out and inspire someone. Use these songs, or others that speak to you, in times of need and know that you will get through tough times.

Starting over by Macklemore. We all may make mistakes when changing our behaviors. Between who you are and who you could be. Between how it is and how it should be. Maybe redemption has stories to tell. Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell. Where can you run to escape from yourself? Where you gonna go Where you gonna go? Salvation is here.

Songs About Relationships, Ruined By Addiction

Here are ten songs about addiction dating sobriety that you about addiction relatable during your drug journey:. This song does a great job of capturing the struggle between deciding if you have issues with substances or not, a struggle familiar to all of us in recovery. It also songs the highs and the lows of drug use.

Get “Drug Addicts” here: Esskeetit Store ▻ https:​// Drug Addicts Starring Charlie Sheen.

In the centre of Florence, a short walk from the Ponte Vecchio, a rangy, bespectacled figure in a baseball cap clutches a cup of coffee and slips back into his hotel unrecognised. He is perhaps the definitive singer-songwriter of his generation, he has come to represent everything noble and dignified about American artistry, and he is preparing to tell me how he is amazed to be alive.

At 67, James Taylor has an air of low-key statesmanship that most senior politicians can only aspire to. His learned demeanour is rooted in his s upbringing, during which musicians were not just allowed to have opinions, but required to. Like most of his peers, Taylor played every benefit and protest gig going, from Greenpeace to No Nukes. Yet, away from the stage, his personal circumstances were a train wreck even before he was famous. He did not finally get sober until his mids, when he started the reinvention that makes that untamed past impossible to recognise now.

All of which makes the lyric of Today Today Today, the opening song on Before This World, his 16th album of new songs, the first in 13 years, starkly relevant.


Andy Gibb began his career in Australia before relocating to Miami to work with his brother, Barry Gibb. While Gibb pursued a solo singing career, his brothers formed the popular s band the Bee Gees. Andy gained popularity and commercial success with his album Shadow Dancing. However, he struggled with drug addiction and later declared bankruptcy. He died in He grew up in the shadow of his older brothers, Barry, and twins Robin and Maurice.

The triangle heroin imposed on Daniel and me was what ultimately split us apart. my father’s alcoholism and Daniel’s drug addiction was the final turning point. special about teenage sweethearts, sharing everything from dating to making.

We all crave inspiration in the form of music at one point or another. For a recovering addict, the need for music to empower and strengthen the spirit can strike at any time. However you source your music, it is always a smart idea to keep an addiction playlist at the ready for those moments when you could use a little extra inspiration. We have compiled a list of our favorite songs about addiction that will motivate you and help you out through even the darkest of days.

The writer and singer Sia tells the story of her own struggle with addiction. I push it down, push it down… One, two, three, one, two, three, drink. Do not let the upbeat and pop-like tune fool you. But how do I feel this good sober? While making the transition into a life of sobriety can be difficult and at certain times terrifying, songs like this will make you realize the new normal you are adjusting to is completely worth it.

Your Love Is a Drug: 20 Great Narcotic Love Songs

There are certain subjects that have sparked creativity for musicians throughout the ages. For instance; heartbreak immediately come to mind. The study also showed that suffering, loss, desire, aspiration, pain, inspiration, and nostalgia were popular themes among hit songs. Addiction is about pain, suffering, loss, and desire. Recovery can be too.

Hailie’s Song Lyrics: Da-da, da-da / Yo, I can’t sing, but / I feel like singing / I wanna fuckin’ sing That I’m a pistol-packin’ drug addict who bags on his momma.

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The Tragic Truth About Amy Winehouse’s Last Days

Regardless of your stance on Black Out Tuesday, it’s clear that the music industry is plagued by inequality. That has to change. Everyone had cool sunglasses, a briefcase, and was fleeing from enemies. VICE UK spoke to a handful of small labels, artists and industry workers about the problems they face, and what you can do to help from home. From hall parties to protests, the endurance of the 80s funk classic shows how music and cultural practice gets passed down from generation to generation.

If you can’t get a hold of a Super Nintendo, the next best thing you can do is to listen to the smooth grooves of “Aquatic Ambience” over and over.

On one of her pub crawls, Amy met the heroin-addicted Blake Fielder-Civil and “She could bring songs to life like no other,” wrote an English.

Drug use in music has been a topic of discussion and debate since at least the s, if not earlier. As stated in the old saying ‘ wine, women and song ‘, association of music with using various substances go back centuries. References to recreational drug use in various forms have been common as the modern record industry developed, particularly in terms of popular music genres such as pop rock singles, dance releases, and the like. Social, cultural, legal, and economic challenges to the existence of music referring to recreational drugs have prompted several studies on the link between such references and increased usage among teens and young adults.

Findings over multiple decades have had mixed results. Many complicating factors exist; in particular, a song that describes substance abuse in a depressive, emotionally blank fashion may trigger curiosity for one listener as well as revulsion for another. Sporadic calls for music censorship in different counties over the past decades have also had vastly different outcomes. Multiple musical artists have attracted a public image associated with neutral to positive depictions of drug use in their releases, while others have created works with negative depictions of drug use that condemn individuals such as dealers and suppliers.

These issues cut across lines of nationality, age, race, gender, and musical genre, with contrasting examples such as hard rocker Pete Townshend of The Who labeling irresponsible musical artists who defy their fans and embrace materialistic drug use as “decadent assholes” [3] as well as dance pop star Miley Cyrus being openly frank about her embrace of cocaine and MDMA usage [4] [5] [6] both getting press attention for their views. As well, some artists argue that popular interpretations of their work misunderstand the intent, such as country and folk star John Denver having to persuade critics against hearing hidden innuendo in his hit song ” Rocky Mountain High “.

Amy Winehouse – Rehab